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All Prime Models played an essential role, helping us achieve our goal of taking this product from concept to market.

We went to All Prime Models with an idea and a couple of sketches. They were able to produce a CAD model, prototype mould and parts in a matter of weeks. They exceeded our expectations. In addition, their attention to detail and customer service were excellent.


All Prime Models, although a relatively small organisation, is able to realise our component designs, and turn them into feasible production components, by understanding our technical challenges, working with our design team, and adapting their manufacturing knowledge and processes to come up with successful solutions.

One of the key challenges that contributed to the success of the production launch of the 2017 Ford GT, was to engage suppliers that were technically perceptive, cost sensitive, and had the flexibility to work with us during the development phase of the program, and continue right through to the ongoing production phase. APM has been one of those suppliers.

We have also worked with APM on other challenging projects, and in each instance we have had the same positive results.

We will continue to use APM as a machining supplier for our engineering prototype builds, as well as our low/medium volume production projects.


The team at All Prime Models have gone out of their way to help us resolve the most challenging jobs.

They are flexible, customer focused and meet and often exceed our expectations (with our time sensitive projects) to support us. I have no hesitation in recommending them.


All Prime Models is ISO 9001:2015 certified for quality and assurance.

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